And this is behind the scenes of my first video (the one i’ve posted a while ago), duhhhhh another annoying video of me. 😂😂😂Hahahahahahaha #pig #bts 🏊🐷

Some annoying video of me while i was in the sea. #PIG #HAHAHAHAHA 🐷🏊

Zup Beach. ☀️🚣🏊 #marinduque #randomshots

"You don’t have to save me, just hold my hand while I save myself."


how am i supposed to lose weight when the best part about life is food

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"Thank you for loving me even though I don’t deserve to be loved."

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"You’ve become so damaged that when someone tries to give you what you deserve, you have no fucking idea how to respond."

"If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I bet they’d live a lot differently. When you look into infinity, you realize there are more important things than what people do all day."

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